Thursday, October 25, 2007


The following is a handout that was placed in the students bookbags today:

Update and Reminders

Thank you for attending the PTA meeting last Monday. We had a wonderful turnout of over 100 parents. The presentation by our guest speaker, Ms. Valerie Armstrong-Barrows, Esq. provided priceless information for our parents. Please check the website, for the minutes of the meeting as well as the scholarship information that was handed out. Additionally, congratulations to all the recipients of the Summer Reading Olympics certificates – keep up the good work!

We would like to thank you for participating in Picture Day - over 500 students had their pictures taken! I would like to thank PTA Vice President Traci Tucker, and our staff and parent volunteers: Ms. Hillary Baylor, Ms. Leah Cooper, Ms. Eastman, and Ms. Henry who were on hand on October 18th to make sure this day was a success - from coordinating the photographers, to straightening ties and patting down braids - THANK YOU!!

Please note that it will take up to four weeks for the pictures to arrive at school – do not call the main office to ask them for this information . Once the pictures have arrived and are distributed, please make sure to save the information on the envelope – there will be an account number for which you can call the customer service rep assigned to our school. You will be able to contact that rep, for issues about quality, increasing your order etc. If your child was absent on October 18th or if the quality of your picture is extremely unsatisfactory, our Picture Retake Day will on Thursday, November 29th. Please mark your calendars, as this will be your final opportunity to take pictures for this school year.

As an update for what is coming up next, at our last PTA meeting, we discussed that the November meeting would feature a Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner. Parents signed a volunteer sheet indicating which dish they would bring to share with their peers. If you are interested in participating in this, please drop a message in the PTA mailbox or go to the following link on the website, and sign up in the comment section. We need everyone to participate in this in order to succeed, so if you don’t cook, then bring some cups or napkins!

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