Wednesday, October 24, 2007

PTA Meeting Minutes - October 15, 2007

The minutes from the October 15, 2007 PTA meeting are available thanks to Ian James (Recording Secretary).

The Executive Members present:

Tricia Mecklembourg, President
Traci Tucker, Vice President
Ian James, Recording Secretary
Jeneba Bangura, PAC – Representative
Kenneth Llewellyn, Corresponding Secretary

Mrs. Deborah Barrett, Principal
Teachers & Staff
Gloria Arthur, Parent Coordinator
Ms. Valarie Armstrong-Barrows, Esq. (Invited Guest)
Parents & Guardians

The meeting began at 6:30 PM by Mrs. Barrett who welcomed everyone. Following Mrs. Barrett’s introduction a poem entitled “Smile” was read by staff member Ms. Paul.

President Tricia Mecklembourg thanked the parents and guardians for their attendance. Ms. Mecklembourg introduced the PTA Board as well as the PAC and SLT representatives. Each representative gave brief introductions of themselves and express their continued commitment to work for the betterment of the school. Ms. Mecklembourg told the parents and guardians that the PTA looks forward to working with them, and would like their support in return in order for the PTA to meet its goals and objectives for the academic year. Ms. Mecklembourg outlined the upcoming fund raising events and activities that the PTA is hoping to achieve for the academic year. Among the list of events mentioned were Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner and Turkey Giveaway, a Raffle, a Holiday Show and an Annual Fund Drive. She made the appeal for volunteers for these events for which sign up sheets were distributed. President Mecklembourg also made mentioned the PTA’s website ( and appealed to parents and guardians to visit the website and post their any comments and concerns that they may have. Ms. Mecklembourg concluded by introducing the guest speaker Ms. Valerie Armstrong-Barrows, Esq.

Ms. Armstrong-Barrows discussed the new Department of Education Discipline Code and the impact it could have on parents, guardians and students. She informed parents to thoroughly review some of the codes. Ms. Armstrong-Barrows advised parents on ways to address their concerns as it related to the school and their children’s rights. She further stated that parents should be more vigilant with their children school records and should be aware of what information is in their children’s records. Ms. Armstrong-Barrows also discussed scholarship information. She called upon parents to begin the scholarship process for College early. She believes that early preparation would build the student portfolio and make their application stronger. She advised parents to get their children to volunteer and get involved in other co-curricular activities which would be of benefit to them during their scholarship and college application process. Ms. Armstrong-Barrows also provided scholarship and other information to parents and guardians through handouts.

Principal Deborah Barrett in her report to the parents and guardians thanked them for their presence at the meeting. First, she called upon parents to return all lunch forms in order for the school to record a 100% return. Parents were also informed about the importance of returning the lunch forms. Secondly, Ms. Barrett warned parents about the dangers of bringing their children to school before the school is opened in the mornings. She noted that the students who are dropped off to the school so early by their parents or guardians are usually not supervised. She called upon parents to stop the practice immediately. Ms. Barrett said that parents must also pick up their children on time. She spoke of an After-School Program that is available for second grade students who are in need of extra academic assistance. Parents and guardians were also informed of one of the school biggest event in that of the 100 Days of School celebration. Mrs. Barrett urged parents to make sure that their children maintain regular attendance and to always be punctual. Mrs. Barrett spoke about the Principal Reading Club that is available for Kindergarten and First Grade students. She admonished parents to review the DOE Discipline Code and invited parents to read and review their children’s cumulative folder. Mrs. Barrett also made a plea to parents and guardians to constantly check their children’s bags for any foreign object that would not be allowed at school.

Following Mrs. Barret’s report, students who participated in the Summer Reading Awards were presented with certificates of participation. After the presentation of the certificates, parents and guardians were invited to cafeteria for a meet and greet sessions as well as refreshments. The meeting concluded at about 8:05PM. The next meeting is schedule for November 19, 2007 at 6:30PM.

Errors and omissions accepted.

Respectfully submitted,

Ian James
Recording Secretary

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