Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Big Thanks!

We would to thank everyone (over 100 of you) who came out this past Monday, to attend the October PTA meeting. It was quite an informative evening: from a recap of PTA planned activities for the next couple of months, to a lively session with Ms. Valerie Armstrong-Barrows, Esq. an attorney in Brooklyn whose community work has focused on middle school and high school students. Ms. Armstrong-Barrows spoke about the recent changes to DOE's Discipline Code and the importance of being involved in your children's lives. She also provided exceptional scholarship information, which we will provide again at the next PTA meeting. Then there were the awards! Over 40 certificates were presented to the children who participated in the Summer Reading Olympics - Congratulations Winners, keep up the hard work.

At the end of the evening, everyone gathered downstairs in the cafeteria for some wonderful and tasty treats from Culpepper's Restaurant.

Please join us next month at the November PTA meeting where we will be having a Thanksgiving Potluck!

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