Friday, May 02, 2008


By now, the construction crews at PS 161 this past year have become old news. Our school is undergoing a vast capital plan to basically bring a building built in the 1930's into the 21st century. With that being said, a handout was sent home this week from the NYC Department of Education that states that PCBs (Polychlorinated Biphenyls) have been found in the caulking material in a number of schools in the city. PS 161 is one such school.

Per the handout from the DOE, "PCBs in intact building materials do not result in significant exposure and are unlikely to result in health effects. The Department of Education has recently rested air samples in the schools in question, and those tests find no evidence of significant exposure for children or teachers."

With that being said, children are children and often touch materials they are not supposed to, or put things in their mouths that they are not supposed to. Please continue to advise your children to refrain from doing this. And now as the weather becomes warmer and the children are sent to the backyard to play, please have them wash their hands and face with soap and water when they come back inside.

Please read the handout that was sent home for more information about PCBs and precautions that you can take with your child.

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