Friday, October 16, 2009


We want to thank everyone who braved the weather to attend the PTA meeting last night. We especially want to thank our special guest, Martine Guerrier - Chief Family Engagement Officer of the Office for Family Engagement and Advocacy for providing a wealth of information about her role at it relates to NYC Parents.

Ms. Guerrier spoke about the middle school process and the various events that are related to that: open houses, tours, application deadlines etc. She also informed parents about the vast resources that are available to them and their children. Please go to the OFEA website to learn more.

We also had a guest from the 71st Precinct, Officer J. Evola stop by to meet parents and students. Officer Evola spoke about the work his precinct does to keep our community safe, and asked how they can be better partners. He asked parents to be a first line of defense between their children and outside influences.

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