Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Liar Liar

Has this ever happened to you Dearest Mom and Dad? You’re preoccupied with something, cooking dinner, cleaning or just plopped in front of the TV, you look up only to see your darling daughter smack her brother in the face. Then she says “I didn’t hit him”!!! Or you go to your son’s room and discover that he’s created a masterpiece on your walls. Now, he’s an only child and you’re a single parent so there is no one else in the house but the two of you, and he still says “It wasn’t me”!!?!?!!

Have you ever wondered why children lie, most times about the silliest stuff. Well writer Po Bronson shares his investigation in an article in this week’s New York Magazine. Click here to read the story.

Oh, one more thing Mom and Dad, these perfect little liars learn it by watching…. you guessed it. Mom, every time you say to Jr., ‘answer the phone and if it’s so and so, tell them I’m not here.’ Or when Dad says, ‘Don’t tattle’ you are teaching the kiddies that lying is okay. I guess next time, I will pick up the phone myself!

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