Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What do you fight for?

It was 50 years ago this date that 9 young people from various parts of Little Rock, Arkansas stepped into the pages of history. Thelma Mothershed, Elizabeth Eckford, Melba Pattillo, Jefferson Thomas, Ernest Green, Minniejean Brown, Carlotta Walls, Terrence Roberts and Gloria Ray, or the Little Rock Nine, as they were called, spotlighted the fact that something as basic as starting the first day of school was not the same for everyone in this country.

Faced with angry mobs, a contentious and defiant governor, the Little Rock Nine, persevered until they were able to attend Central High. With all that those brave souls faced, how are you continuing their legacy? Do you thank them and all those pioneers in the past for your ability to go anywhere you want, anytime you want? When there are obstacles in your path, do you jump over those hurdles or just sit down and watch as others pass around you? Please take the time to reflect the meaning of this day and what legacy you would like to leave behind.

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